Executive Producer: J. Herbert Klein

Producer/Publicist: Edward P. Lozzi

Writer/Producer: Melanie Villines
Cary Klein

Eric Server
Stars of Tomorrow

Associate Producer: Julie Johnson

Email: internationalfilmarts@ymail.com

International Film Arts is a production company based in Southern California that develops projects for film, broadcast, print, and live theater. Founded by J. Herbert Klein, a Hollywood veteran who produced Death of a Scoundrel for Howard Hughes, International Film Arts focuses on stories about Hollywood and celebrities.

Current projects include a range of exciting nonfiction books:

Road to Hollywood: My Life Among Presidents, Movie Stars, Tycoons, and Aliens.  In this intimate memoir, J. Herbert Klein brings to life his career as a Hollywood producer, builder, entrepreneur, and impresario – and his associations with Howard Hughes, Ronald Reagan, Jon Hall, and Jayne Mansfield.

Ronald Reagan’s Road to the White House: How Hollywood Prepared America’s 40th President for the Role of a Lifetime.   Hooray for Hollywood in this book that traces Ronald Reagan’s rise from actor to politician.

Invisible Partners: Howard Hughes, Jon Hall, and the Perpetual Motion Machine.  Howard Hughes and Jon Hall enjoyed one of the most productive creative partnerships of all time, and it’s remained secret – until now.

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